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With the current Unemployment PA situation, many people are out of work and wanting to know how to file for unemployment, how long they can collect it and how much their payments will be. Unemployed people, maybe like you, are also looking for jobs and we have some information on how to find them.

Obviously, one of the biggest concerns someone has when they lose their job is if they can qualify for unemployment benefits. In most cases you can qualify, but there are a few exceptions. With the way the economy has been since around mid to late 2008 and up to now, it is very common for businesses large and small to let people go. In these kind of cases, you absolutely do qualify to receive unemployment checks as long as you have been with your the company that laid you off for at least 16 weeks prior to losing your job.

Of course two of the biggest factors that make people ineligible for unemployment compensation in the state of Pennsylvania, or just about any state for that matter, is if you quit your job (unless you have a very good reason, and that is determined at a hearing) or if you are fired from your job except in very limited circumstances.

Other factors that do qualify you in PA to collect payments are you have to fill out an application, you must have collected at least $50 a week for the minimum of 16 weeks of employment, you must be registered at the Pennsylvania CareerLink website or in person (this shows that you are at least trying to find a job), and you need to be available and able to work at a job that may not closely fit your skill level, but it will be suitable.

To look for a job and find employment, you can do a search at the Pennsylvania CareerLink web site that has all kinds of skilled and non skilled jobs available. There are more than 20 different categories of jobs available to search through and pages and pages of jobs listed under each category. Another great place to find a job if you are unemployed is at any of the several Pennsylvania Craigslist sites. Just do a search for Craigslist Pennsylvania and go to the jobs section for the city you live closest to and you will probably thousands of jobs listed there. Yes, the economy is bad, but there are plenty of companies looking to hire all kinds of people for all kinds of jobs.

Finally, I almost forgot to mention the amount of time you are eligible to collect compensation the the state of Pennsylvania. Normally are able to collect up to 26 weeks of unemployment, but with recently mandated federal emergency unemployment compensation, you can collect up to an additional 53 weeks of benefits for a total of 99 weeks. That’s almost 2 years worth of benefits and that should be more than adequate for most people.

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